Gainesville Accident Attorney-Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist!

Before you talk to an insurance company after a car accident, it is imperative that you should have your own attorney. Insurance companies have lawyers that work for them full-time. You need an attorney to make sure your rights are protected, to make sure your medical bills are paid, and to make sure your vehicle is repaired properly or replaced.

Car Accidents Can Be Devastating

Car-Accidents--element44You suffer injuries, your car is damaged and you don’t know who to turn to for help. Before you know it, insurance companies are calling you and you don’t know what to do or say. As soon as you come to see us, we will take over all communication with the insurance companies. Marraffino Law Firm will help you with your medical bills, lost wages, getting your car properly repaired, further compensation in injuries, and future needs.

Call Gainesville Car Accident Attorney Lawrence J. Marraffino and he will speak to you personally. Your questions will be answered by him, not a paralegal or legal assistant.  Mr. Marraffino is a Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer with over 33 years of actual trial experience to get you the best recovery possible. If we don’t recover any money, there are never fees or costs owed to us.

Did you know that if you get into a car accident or you are injured in any accident, it is against the law for any lawyer to call you on the phone, visit you in the hospital, visit you at your house, speak to you in person, or speak through anyone connected with a lawyer.

After thirty days, you may receive a letter in the mail, but it must be clearly marked as an ADVERTISEMENT in all capitals.

Mr. Marraffino never solicits his services. If you are solicited by an attorney illegally, you should report that attorney to The Florida Bar, or contact our office for more information.

Florida No-Fault Insurance Explained

Car-Accidents--element45Personal injury protection (PIP) is mandatory coverage on an auto policy in Florida. This coverage pays 80 percent of “reasonable and necessary” medical costs and 60 percent of lost wages to the driver and passengers of an insured vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. Each vehicle’s occupants must submit their medical claims to the respective insurance companies.

Medical Payments

Medical payments (MP) is an optional coverage available in Florida auto insurance policies which pays the additional 20 percent of the medical costs not covered under PIP. In the absence of this coverage, the non-covered costs would be submitted to the responsible party’s insurance company for reimbursement under his or her bodily injury liability coverage, if such coverage is present.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability (PDL) is also mandatory for Florida drivers. Unlike PIP, this coverage only pays when an insured driver is legally liable for damage to the property of another person resulting from a covered auto accident. If you are the responsible driver, damage to your own vehicle is covered by your collision coverage or not at all.

Minimum Liability Limits

Florida drivers are required to carry a minimum policy limit of $10,000 PIP and $10,000 PDL.
Higher limits and additional coverage are available for additional premiums. Each bill that you submit to the insurance company reduces the total benefit available so buy limits which are adequate for your family’s needs. After you have healed as much as you can from your injuries, then we are ready to demand a settlement from the driver who was at fault and his or her insurance company.

You need a car accident attorney like Mr. Marraffino to help you. Insurance companies are not on your side.