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Best lawyer…

5.0 stars

Posted by Angela MackJune 21, 2019

Mr Marraffino is a great lawyer! He knows how to address things professionally. The best lawyer I say! He made things real easy for me and everything was so well handled. I can’t say enough. Job well done Mr Marraffino. Thank yous are just not enough! I am forever grateful!!!
Thank You!
5.0 stars

Posted by JenniferNovember 13, 2019

I walked into Mr. Marraffino’s office a complete mess. My kids Father did not return my kids home to me when he was suppose to, and I truly felt like I lost my life. Because there was no court order set in place yet to say he had to return the kids to me, I felt completely hopeless. Mr. Marraffino and his wife worked so hard for me, and even though I felt like I kept losing hope, they reassured me that they were doing everything on their end to fight for me. And they were right. They are the reasons that I can breath again because my kids were returned home to me! “Thank you” doesn’t even do it justice to what I feel like I owe them!
5.0 stars

Posted by Mariela

November 13, 2019

I moved to Gainesville for a job opportunity. Little I knew I would need legal representation in such a difficult case. Being new to the city I Googled for attorneys and that’s how I came across Mr. Marraffino’s law firm. I was greatly impressed about his over 25y of experience dealing with family cases. His review points were excellent and so I decided to visit him. Full of emotions and very troubled in my mind I went to see Mr. Marraffino. From the very first moment I entered his office I felt welcome. His wife and Lashanda are extremely kind and gentle. Mr. Marraffino accepted my case even though my circumstances were knew to him as I am originally from Puerto Rico and the language was a barrier somehow. Mr. Marraffino worked in my case for a year and a half. During all that time Mr. Marraffino demonstrated to be a gentleman and a very knowledgeable lawyer. He is extremely thorough, responsible, ethical and kind! I always felt taken care of. I always felt like I had nothing to worry as Mr. Marraffino always took his time to walk me through stuff and calm all my anxieties. I always felt supported and extremely well represented. He is a respected lawyer with very high standards in his practice. I am a physician and a mother. I really needed help at that time and Mr. Marraffino went beyond and above for me. It was a pleasure working with him. I really really recommend Mr. Marraffino. Finally, despite my difficult case and new circumstances to Mr. Marraffino, he worked long hours to pull my case through. He won for me everything I needed. He defended my case so strongly that I was granted with all I requested. I will be forever in debt to Mr. Marraffino. I will never forget his kindness and supportive way of treating me in such a difficult moment of my life. He can be trusted and I can assure, you won’t be disappointed. THANK YOU Mr. Marraffino. Thank you. Thank you. Words can’t express all my gratitude.
Highly Recommend!
5.0 stars

Posted by BeckyAugust 31, 2018

Mr. Marraffino did an incredible job handling my divorce case. He went out of his way to keep me updated on my case and moved through the process swiftly. Larry handled my case aggressively, as I had hoped, while also maintaining realistic expectations and compromising when necessary. I never felt as if I wasn’t winning my case with Larry and his team on my side. Mr. Marraffino is incredibly knowledgeable and was worth every penny! Thank you, Larry, Ellen, & Lashanda!

Overall rating: Excellent, Trustworthy: Excellent, Responsive: Excellent, Knowledgeable: Excellent, Kept me informed: Excellent
– Posted by Debi, Bankruptcy client

I was hit by a car several years ago, and came by Mr. Marraffino by way of a referral. He was the most compassionate, hard-working man that I have ever met. His staff was incredible. Mr. Marraffino never hesitated to tell me the truth about my case, and was ready to go to trial for me, if that is what I wanted. I choose to settle, as I was not up to a trial, but if I were in less pain, I have no doubt that Mr. Marraffino would be the best trial lawyer available on any case. You deal with him, and ONLY him, not some person who works for minimum wage to keep you out of his hair. He always called me back if I had questions, and was always up on my case. It is the system that really stinks, but Mr. Marraffino makes the best of what you have. I would not hesitate to refer him to anyone. He is honest and more important ethical, something you cannot find out about TV lawyers, or big ads. Thank you Mr. Marraffino!

Marrafino great lawyer, awesome friend

Posted by anonymousDecember 1, 2016

Larry was my lawyer during my divorce case. I heard about him through a colleague who went through divorce as well. I approached to him for help as a result of this communication.

My ex wife’s attorney throughout the process was overly aggressive and argumentative on non-substantial details. Larry managed to keep him under control helped me focus on the most relevant issues. I would consider myself to be a calm person. So my personality matched Larry’s during the deposition period as well as meetings with the judge. After over a year long struggle, my ex-wife fired her lawyer and got a new lawyer. That was a funny moment in this otherwise sad event. The new lawyer simply wanted to settle in a few weeks. They ended up agreeing to all the terms I set on the most relevant issues (which is the children’s custody and travel constraints).

Larry was a friendly and cool person throughout this whole long process. He was clearly on the side of reconciliation rather than long and unnecessary arguments with the other side for all the issues that did not matter so much. He treated both me and my ex-wife with respect while my ex-wife’s first attorney was acting aggressive and disrespectful towards me.

I really hope that you do not go through a divorce as it is a very sad event. However, if you cannot avoid it, I would recommend him in case you need a divorce lawyer.

Overall rating: Excellent, Trustworthy: Excellent, Responsive: Excellent, Knowledgeable: Excellent, Kept me informed: Excellent

– Posted by a Personal Injury Client

I hired Lawrence Marraffino to handle my child custody case. Mr. Marraffino was honest about what to expect, he kept me well informed of all my court appearances and mediation. He was always direct, his fees were fair and he didn’t over charge for actual time spent on my case. Mr. Marraffino never sugar coated the odds I had in my case and let me know there was a possibility the outcome might not be as I’d hoped. However he fought hard to get me more time with my son. He was also able to reduce my child support to $0 since the time shared was more equivalent to 50/50 custody, and I was already paying all of the health insurance costs, plus I was able to get a more fair holiday schedule. In the end I got exactly what I wanted. I would strongly represent Mr. Marraffino in any case and will be hiring him again for any future needs.

Overall rating: Excellent, Trustworthy: Excellent, Responsive: Excellent, Knowledgeable: Excellent, Kept me informed: Excellent
– Posted by Jesse, Family Law client


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